GPS Receivers Supported in GeoBuddy

GPS receivers from the following manufacturers are supported in GeoBuddy. Click the manufacturer's name for exact details for your specific GPS model.

  • Garmin (All handheld and dashboard GPS, including Colorado, nĂ¼vi, eTrex, Forerunner, Geko, zumo)
  • Magellan (eXplorist, Meridian, SporTrak all supported)
  • Lowrance (all models supported, including iFinder, GlobalMap, iWAY, and XOG)
  • Eagle (all models supported)
  • MLR
  • Brunton
  • Silva

If your GPS isn't listed above, you can still use it as an input to the Tracking feature in GeoBuddy to create a moving-map display on your laptop. Tracking works with any GPS receiver or GPS antenna that outputs NMEA data to a COM port. Tracking works with either a physical serial port, or a virtual COM port. If you have a USB or Bluetooth GPS antenna, it probably comes with software that creates a virtual COM port.

Sorry, GPS receivers from the following manufacturers can't be used in GeoBuddy.


Cobra will not release information on their data interface.


After extensive testing with a Delorme PN-20, we've decided not to implement support for this GPS at this time. It uses a real-time USB interface that would require significant changes to our software. If they release further products based on this interface, or if their market share increases significantly, we'll revisit this decision. The good news is that Delorme's software finally supports GPX, so you can exchange GPX files between their software and any TopoGrafix product.


Humminbird will not release information on their data interface. At least one of their products comes with a PC data manager that claims to support GPX. Our testing showed that it crashed when opening properly-formatted GPX files, however.


We will be adding support for Tomtom POI formats soon.

Other Automotive GPS (Mio, Navigon, Navman, etc)

If you can provide us with a specification of the POI formats used by your GPS receiver, we will consider adding support in a future release.

GPS-enabled Smartphones and PDAs (Nokia, HTC, Motorola i580, LG 735, BlackBerry, etc)

We don't write software that will run on your phone. However, since all TopoGrafix products use GPX, an open file format, any Windows Mobile or Palm application that runs on your smart-phone will be able to store data in a format that can be used in our software. Ask for GPX compatibility when choosing software for your phone.

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